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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

View from a Height

On this day was Man Martin born.  I am fifty-five.  The double-nickel.

From this vantage point of age and experience, I am ready to dole out the wisdom of my years to the younger generation, which is pretty much everyone who's been on the earth less than half a century.

What have I learned?

Whatever it is you believe, brace yourself for the possibility the exact opposite is true.

Time goes by.  This is a real shocker.  I still haven't gotten used to it.

Cook beans thoroughly before putting them in tomato sauce.

It is amazing what you accomplish by working steadily at something, a little every day.

Try not to think about all the things you will never accomplish.

Loosen the lug nuts before you jack up the tire.

People are mostly kind and helpful, thank goodness.

If you're ever asked a riddle involving the color of a bear, the bear will be white.

Well, that's about it.  Come back in another fifty-five years and I'll be ready to dish some more.

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