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Thursday, January 2, 2014

America's Funniest Home Videos Spoiler Alert

A dad shows his kid how to jump on a trampoline, takes three jumps, sails off, and lands on his head.

A kid rides a skateboard over a ramp, loses control, and lands on his head.

Running from an army of zombies, a woman trips, does a perfect 180-degree somersault, and lands on her head.

A woman is about to blow out candles on a birthday cake; she rears back to take a breath, overbalances, falls out of her chair, and lands on her head.

A man is standing on a ladder cleaning out leaves from the gutter.  The ladder tips over, and the man lands on his head.

A zombie gets inside a jetliner, 10,000 feet up, causing it to crash.  Everyone inside lands on their head.

A couple is learning to ski.  The man instructs the woman, "This is how it's done."  Then he loses his balance and lands on his head.

A skater loses control at a rink, and everyone lands on their head.

While trying to board up a window against approaching zombies, a man slips, falls downstairs, and lands on his head.

A teenager sets a treadmill as fast as it will go.  He stops running for a moment, flies off the back, and lands on his head.

A man uses a pulley to lower a barrel of bricks from a second story window.  The weight jerks the man violently off the ground.  On the way up, he hits his head on the barrel, which is heading down.  At the top, he hits his head against the ledge and jams his fingers into the pulley.  Meanwhile, the barrel bursts open on the ground, releasing its bricks.  The man flies back down, hitting the barrel - this time going up - against the underside of his chin.  He lands on the bricks and lets go of the rope.  The empty barrel lands on his head.  In the background, zombies mass against the horizon.

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