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Friday, September 20, 2013

Husbands On Other Planets

    On Planet Kloon, the males are 1/132 the size of females
    and spend their entire lives latched on by means of
    specially-evolved sucker mouths. "They're basically all
    just babies," one female complains, "only little."
    Planet Corozz-Zimm has no husbands. And no wives either.
    During a do-it-yourself project, a male forgot to unplug
    the neutron driver and vaporized the civilization.

"Forgot to put the seat down."  On Planet Merg-13, which has
two hundred times the gravity of earth, this simple discourtesy
can be calamitous.  

The females on Planet Xerx wait on their husbands hand
and foot, bringing them food, cleaning up after them,
not letting them lift a finger... and then eat them.

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