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Monday, August 5, 2013

Fellow Authors: I Need You

Here's the deal; on this blog I'm planning to post a recurring feature by guest authors, "Things I Know Now I Wish I'd Known Then."  It would feature authors sharing whatever wisdom they've gained since the publication of their first book.  It need not be about publishing or the craft of writing per se, although that's welcome; it could be what you've learned about yourself, spirituality. the political scene, or Texas Hold'Em, whatever discoveries you've made and in any format you wish to present them.  You can write traditional essay, fictional narrative, poetry, pie charts.  It's all up to you, and the more creative and individual, the better.

The blog would feature a brief bio plus a picture of your smiling mug and the cover of your book, plus links to the online vender or the bookstore of your choice and your website.

If you'd like to play, let me know via this blog, email, or Facebook.

I look forward to hearing from you, and keep writing!

- Man

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