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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

In 1907, Anna May Jarvis created Mother's Day as a memorial to her own mother, who had died two years before.  The idea seemed so dandy, she began working to make it a national holiday, and a mere seven years, it was.

That was 1914, and by the 1920's Jarvis was already disillusioned by how commercial the new holiday had become.  In particular, it seems, she objected to the practice of sending pre-printed cards.  Jarvis incorporated herself as "The Mother's Day International Association," and trademarked the phrase "Mother's Day," and "second Sunday in May."  As strategies go, trademarking days of the year and incorporating holidays may not have been the wisest course to prevent commercialism, but no matter.

Whatever else, you may say about her, Jarvis had a point.  Sending pre-printed cards just doesn't cut it. My own dear mother is no longer with us, and my wife's mother is so deep in the throes of Alzheimer's, it's difficult to say Mother's Day will mean more to her than National Squid Appreciation Day.  That leaves me with Nancy, for whom I am ever grateful.

Express love to the women in your life.  Express gratitude.  Do what you can to make their lives easier and more pleasant.  Don't wait for Mother's Day and don't wait for two years after they have died.

Enough said.

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