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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Famous Me

The problem with being so amazingly humble as I am - and I am amazingly humble, you can take my word for it - is that I do a very poor job of self promotion.  I never seem to have a camera on hand at the many Nobel Prize Ceremonies, Gala Fetes, and Barn Raisings which I attend, often dressed as Louis XIV, and when I do have a camera, it is invariably broken or low on batteries, so what pictures I get come out all but impossible to make out.  "You're a swell guy," Jonathon Franzen once remarked to me, "and you can flat write rings around me, but you're a lousy photographer."  I laughed at his chiding, for I knew he'd made a humorous but valid point.
Nevertheless, here are a few photos, for what they're worth, of recent events which I have attended.
Here I am, receiving an award for "Bestest Writer Ever!" from the International
Association of Really Prominent Editors and Stuff

This is me at a book reading.  The audience was very moved.  Some laughed,
some cried, one went home and devoted her life to charity.  Fans are the best!

Here I am meeting the Prophet Elijah.  Elijah is a great guy and really down
to earth, in spite of being a prophet of the Lord and all.  He said he was
"a really big fan" and invited me out to his Malibu house sometime.

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