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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Gin Review

Gin, from the French genievre, or Juniper, from which it derives its distinctive flavor, dates to the Middle Ages; it has evolved into one of the most widely enjoyed spirits for the connoisseur and novice alike. I will taste-test some of the more popular brands and offer a brief survey.

Hendrick's: A Scottish Gin that infuses rose petals and cucumber into its flavoring as well as the traditional Juniper berries.  Expensive, but many say well worth it.  A very tasty and distinctive gin.

Plymouth: I've never tasted this gin before, but it is quite excellent and may well be my new favorite.  Dry and  unusuusal, it makes a superlative martini.

Tanqueray: A famliar favorite.  Never disappoints.

Bombay:  A darn fien gin.  Dilicous.

Seagrams: Reelly underrated.  Some oeolo  some peoou  some people don't like Seagrams   Snobs they don't knw what theour they're talking about Seagrams is a darn fine gin.  I don't care who know s it.

Boodles: i guahgy get gin .  Its goood.  Goodd.

Beefeagaer  Beefeea  Beef eai  Beef eagter  The hell with it

(Originally posted 2012)

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