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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ecclesiastes for the 21st Century

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.  A time to text, and a time to refrain from texting.  A time to browse the internet, and a time you may not browse.  A time to friend people on Facebook, and a time to unfriend them.  A time for Pilates, and a time for Rocky Road Ice-Cream.  A time to send emails, and a time to check emails.  A time to google yourself, and a time to google others.  A time to refinance, and a time not to.  A time to fold, and a time to go "all in."  A time for a cappuccino, and a time for just a plain cafe americano.  A time for Dancing with the Stars, and a time for Shark Tank.  A time for networking, and a time not to network.  A time for hybrids and a time for hummers.  A time for Wii, and a time for Nintendo.  A time for global warming and a time for more global warming.  A time for Polar Bears and a time for Polar Bears, but only in the zoo.  A time for safe sex and a time for no sex.  A time for tatoos and a time for HepB.  A time for Spring Break and a time for HepB.  A time for margaritas and a time for ibuprofin.  A time for Pay-Per-View, and a time to download from Netflix.  A time for NASCAR, and a time for NFL.  A time for Merlot and a time for Zin.  A time for Country and a time for Western.  A time to vote, and a time not to vote and just tell people you're sick of the whole mess, and they all stink, and besides, what's the point.  A time for taxes and a time for death.

(Originally posted in 2012)

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