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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Presidential Losers, the Final Chapter: Mitt Romney

Of a campaign filled with gaffes, the most famous was when Mitt's remark in a YouTube video that 47% of Americans who are "dependent on government" and "pay no taxes" would never vote for him.  Somehow this overshadowed other magnificent blunders such as the party for top donors in a 150-foot yacht flying the Cayman flag.

That was typical of Mitt, a guy who just couldn't catch a break.  An illustrative incident was the way Romney's opponents suggested there was "something disturbing" about a man who would put Seamus, the family dog, in a roof-top carrier for a twelve-hour road-trip.  

But did they, in fairness, point out Mitt had thoughtfully installed windshield wipers onto the carrier so the dog could see where they were going?  Even when it rained?  They did not.  Nor did they mention that the dog suffered a bout of diarrhea and Mitt had to hose off the carrier, car, and the dog.  Clearly the dog was partially at fault, and the whole incident was a testament, not to Mitt's insensitivity, but his forethought and planning.  Besides, would you want to be locked in a car for twelve hours with Mitt Romney? 

Unlike Obama, whose paltry work experience included mere presidency of the United States, Mitt had a strong track record with Bain Capital, in proven job-creating field of leveraged buy-outs.  Moreover, as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints, he's officially promised his own personal planet to supervise in the afterlife. 

But Mitt, humble and folksy to a fault, never bragged about this, instead, connecting with the common man by telling a Detroit audience his wife drives "a couple of Cadillacs" and NASCAR fans that some of his best friends are NASCAR team owners.  

And yet for all that, Mitt still lost.  Earning about 47% of the popular vote.


Barrack Obama: 332
Mitt Romney: 206

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  1. Despite how stupid it might have been to say so out loud (and on camera), Romney was right. 47% of the people in the country DON'T pay any income taxes. They basically vote for a living. And on election day...the one day a year they go to work...they sure did so. They turned out en mass and all voted against Romney.