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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Scoring Bertram Wiggly Now in Audio

When Bertram Wiggly leaves his job as an appliance actuary – calculating the life expectancy of major appliances so their warranties expire precisely one day before they implode – he thinks he’s found the perfect place to retire in Medville, with its town square, circled by brick-cobbled streets and quaint shops with bright red-and-white awnings. 

But then… the town rezones itself for musicals.

At any moment an invisible orchestra is apt to strike up a melody and the otherwise sane townsfolk of Medville burst into song. And not just song, either. Dance.

Against his will, Bertram finds himself in the midst of a musical comedy in which he has been cast as the comic curmudgeon.

Can Bertram defy Sam, the mysterious orchestra leader, and thwart the destiny laid out for him?

Hilariously narrated by Michael Gilboe, available FREE with Audible Trial or for a measly $6.08

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  1. Just bought the Kindle version--looking forward to laughs!!