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Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Ongoing Correspondence with Dr. Mrs. Cynthia Marcos (The Final Chapter)

Dear Chosen One,

Who is man to question the decision of Allah because we all know that our ways are not Allah’s way.

Secondly, I have decided to compensate you with 15% of the total sum while 5% will be mapped out for any incidental expenses in the cause of transferring the fund into your account.

I have also paid the lawyer for his service that means he cannot ask you any money for his fees; all I require of you is sincerity, transparency and honesty in making sure the rest money is implemented strictly on humanitarian.

The reason why I trusted a complete stranger was that my late husband’s relatives embezzled the money we gave them to start this project when my late husband was alive and that was why I have been praying over it for Allah to connect me divinely with anybody that have the spirit of helping the less privileged. Although I had intended contacting another person if I did not hear from you.

I have only few requirements from you namely:-

1. Open a new account and send me the details where I will instruct the bank to transfer the money while you sit back and watch, my reason for not asking for an existing account is that I will not want some mix-up along the line between my money and yours.

2. Send me your detail addresses and, contact Tel/fax numbers.

3. Any valid identification to confirm that you are genuine.
This is my full details for your perusal:-
DATE OF BIRTH: - 11-07-1952
ACCOUNT NUMBER: - 101-078-75-19

If you have more questions that require clarification, do not fail to ask me before I instruct my nurse to submit your names as my appointed foreign trustee.



Dear Dr. Mrs Cynthia Marcos,

Please, please forgive my long delay in getting back to you. I realize the last time you wrote you were on death's door. I know sometimes disease can wrack the body and yet not take the life, leaving its helpless victim hanging on by a straw and silently begging for the release of death which does not come. I hope this is what's happened for you, because if you've already croaked in the interim, it would be a terrible shame.

The fact is I've been terribly busy on another deal that I have just learned fell through. Perhaps you heard that here in the US, the PowerBall Jackpot reached some six hundred million or so. I'm not very good at math, but it seemed to me that if I bought TEN tickets, that would cover every possible combination and I'd be sure to win. You can imagine my astonishment when the winner was announced and it wasn't me. Apparently, I should have bought at least eleven. That's when I remembered you and your millions.

I think it is very prudent to trust a complete stranger to handle this money, especially given the way your in-laws treated you. After all, if you can't trust a complete stranger you meet on the internet, whom can you trust?  And if anyone dared suspect you were less than honest, your last email surely would have convinced him.  There it says on your bank statement that you have TWELVE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND U.S DOLLARS to the penny, and who could want more proof than that?

I have done my best to comply with your three requests - the information you need is below.

1. I tried to set up a new bank account, but when I told the lady at Wells Fargo that I needed it so a lady on the Ivory Coast could transfer 12 Million into it, she gave me a funny look. Then it turns out I can't open an account with less than $100 or I have to pay a special fee. (Maybe she's one of your in-laws, ha-ha.) Between you and me, I don't want my wife finding out about this. She's a wonderful human being, but every time I tell her about a new way to make 12 million on the internet, she puts a stop to it. So what I was thinking, if you could mail me a check for $100, then I could open the account, and you could transfer the rest in, and I'd pay you back the $100 out of that, and you could mail me the $100 back to me because that would have been part of the original 12 million anyway, so all you'd really have to send would be $11,999,900. That makes sense, doesn't it?

2. Certainly, you will need my detail address, so here it is. When you come off 400 North, you want to go East on I 285. (It may actually say South at that point, but in any case, go left.) Then, you get off on the very next exit, which is Ashford Dunwoody. (Actually, come to think of it, I think you have to go right off 400. If you go left and end up hitting Roswell Road, then it was right, and you'll need to get off and go back.) Anyway, like I said, get off on the very next exit, or - if you had to turn right after all, the exit after that, or you'll end up back on 400. Ha-ha. Then go right - I'm definitely sure you go right here. But don't get in the FAR right lane, or you'll end up on Lake Hearn, and you may never find your way out again. Then you turn left at the first stoplight. There may actually be one stop light before that, but if you turn in there it's just an office park and you'll know right away that it isn't where you want to go. So when you turn left under the first or possibly second stoplight - actually the more I think about it, the certainer I am that you'd need to turn right off 400 - there'll be a sign that says Oak Forest Drive, or at least there used to be, some workers took it down while they're repairing the sidewalk, so just look for a spot where you'd expect a sign to say Oak Forest, and if it isn't there, you'll know you're on the right road. If there is a sign saying Oak Forest, I honestly don't know what advice to give you. But we don't live on Oak Forest. Then when you come to a fork in the road, take it. Our house is on the right and there used to be a basketball goal, but there isn't.

I hope this is enough detail for you.  You can't miss it and if you do miss it, Oak Forest is a big circle so you'll come back around again anyway.

3. As far as valid identification, I'm about five foot ten inches tall with a compact, muscular build, and sparkling green eyes. An expression both confident and yet with a secret sadness, a man who has seen much and forgotten little. Usually, whenever I walk into a room, conversation falls silent, and attractive women look over their shoulders to see this mysterious man. If someone's playing a piano, he usually quits until I have a few moments to survey the room. Then I take a step forward, and conversation resumes again.  I assure you I am genuine.

I look forward to getting your check for $100 assuming you are still alive and still rich.


(For some reason, Dr. Mrs. Cynthia Marcos never responded to this email.  I can only assume she finally succumbed to her illness.)

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