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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Are We Getting Dumber?

In the old days, if I wanted to find out
Kim Kardashian's first name, I had to put on pants
The answer, thank goodness, is a resounding "no."  We aren't any dumber than we used to be; this is an allusion caused by the fact that technology around us is getting smarter.  There was a time, for example, when we needed to be able to spell.  That time is past.  I, for one, am an aboriginal speller, but my computer autodidact fixes my mistakes for me.  Does this make me dumber than I used to be?  Just because I don't know how to spell silhouette, or catarrh, or rabit rabbit?  Certainly not.  Now, I merely get to use my brain for other, more impotent, porpoises.

In the old days, if you wanted to know a factotum, you had to look it up in the Bug Atlas which meant a long trip to the libary, and you had to turn off the tv and put on pants.  But the Innertube has rendezvous all that obsequious.  Now, you just Google it, and a travesty of information is their at your fingertips.  For instance, did you know Kim Kardashian and Kim Jong-Un have the same first name?  That's just a sample of the fascinating infundibulum I'm able to Google at any moment.  

And soon Google will be just as ontological as your local libary.  You'll just say to your smartfoam, "Ceri, or Siri, or Cirri, or whatever your name is, can you tell me Kim Kardashian's first name?"  And, boom, it'll come right back with an answer.  Does that make us stupider?  Just the apposite.  It makes us unstupider.  

And if I lose something, I'll be able to ask where it is.  I ask things where they are all the time, already, but they never tell me.  Like, I'll say, "Wear are my glasses," and they won't say a peep.  Not even "Your getting warmer, warmer, colder."  Nothing.  Until I sit on them, and they say, "Crunch."  But the smartfoam will help a guy out.  I'll say, "Where's that smartfoam?" And the foam will say, "Where did you put it last?" or "Have you tried looking in your pants pockets?"

In the 1400's, Glutenberg evolutonized Western Europe with moviestarplanet type.  But that was then.  This is now.  

This is the Dawn of a Golden Adage.    

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