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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Things Highly Effective People Never Tell Themselves

One thing about highly effective people is they
don't have transparent skulls like this guy.
The secret to being highly effective?  Well, it's a lot of things, but a big factor is "self-talk."  Highly effective people coach themselves with positive self-talk, instead of the defeatest stuff you probably say to yourself.

"I'll never be able to pay for (that new car, that trip to Hawaii, that elective surgery)"  Highly effective people never tell themselves things like that because they've got zillions of dollars and can have anything they want.

"God, I hate Mondays."  This is something you'll never hear an effective person say.  This is because unlike you, who has a loser, dead-end job, they're probably doing something fascinating and making multi-million-dollar deals on the golf course and stuff.

"I'll put off doing the (yard work, house work, cleaning the litter box) until tomorrow."  Highly effective people never postpone unpleasant chores.  They come right out and tell their servants to do them.  After all, that's what they're paid for.

"I'm not happy with the way I look."  Highly effective people don't waste time running themselves down.  They take themselves straight to the cosmetic surgeon and come out looking any way they want.  Sometimes they even make themselves look like you.  But that's just for a joke, and then they go under the knife and come out like supermodels again.

"I wonder what sorts of things highly effective people say to themselves?"  Genuine highly effective people never wonder about what highly effective people say because they're saying it already.  Don't believe me?  Are you reading this blog?  Are you highly effective?  Boom.

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