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Monday, November 10, 2014

Me and Naps

In this illustration, the artist perfectly captures
the ineffable joy of a good nap.
Notice the toes.  Even the toes are happy.
There was a time I didn't like naps.  Can you believe it?  Naps!  I didn't like them.

There are certain people out there to whom the mere subject of this blog will be a turn-off.  They will see the title and think, "This better be a scathing attack against naps and all they stand for, cause if it ain't, I'm taking my eyeballs elsewhere!"  I wish those people would have an open mind for a change, and just keep reading, but I don't fool myself.  By now they're already enjoying one of the multitudinous anti-nap blogs out there.  I'm sure you're familiar with some of them yourself: "Naps are for Suckers" or "Nap, Snap!" are just a couple that come to mind.

How little those people know of what they're missing.  I feel for them, for once I was among their number.  I thought a nap meant I had to lie down and stop doing things.  Now I realize it means I get to lie down and stop doing things.

This blog, then, is for you, who already appreciate naps in all their glory.  Aren't naps glorious?  Isn't it a treat to lie down in the middle of the day and just go to sleep?  It's better than fresh-squeezed lemonade.  Better than honey-crisp apples.

I just love me some naps.

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