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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Yet Another Million-Dollar Idea

If you read this blog on a consistent basis, from time to time I will give you an idea that is guaranteed to make a million dollars.  The world is littered with millionaires who were ordinary shmoes like you until they happened across one of my little blogs.  Zuckerberg was reading an off-hand comment of mine one day, and said, "Social networks, huh?  That's so crazy it just might work."  Jeff Beezos said, "Pedaling books online?  Might be worth a try at that."

So in case you haven't made your first million yet, here's the idea.  

It was inspired when Nancy said to me the other morning that her nose was getting bigger.

What do you say to someone who says that?

My immediate reply, "No, your nose was always that big," I had sense enough not to make.  Dorothy Martin didn't raise no fool.

I assured her that her nose was just as lovely as ever, if not more so, but Nancy was not convinced, I fear.

There are books for prepubescent little boys and girls with titles such as "Your Body is Changing," or "Congratulations, You're Becoming a Man," or "Why am I Bleeding?" but so far as I know, there is no corresponding set of books for those of us approaching that long dreamless sleep.  Titles like, "My Feet Hurt" or "Hey, I'm Shorter than I Used to Be," or "My God, My God, What is Happening to My Nose?"  

The person who introduces this series of helpful titles will not only provide a boon to humanity but will no doubt become a gigantic publishing magnate along the lines of the "... for Dummies" books.

I leave you now to make yourself rich.

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