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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Race-Day Jitters

It is to be expected, I suppose, to experience a few jitters the morning of the race, but for the 5K I will run today, I a little jumpier than usual.

This time I'm going to be chased by zombies.

The deal is this, I'm driving down to Senoia, Georgia - which will take about twice as long as the race itself - then run through the backdrop of sets such as Walking Dead and Pet Cemetery.  Along the way, zombies will pop out now and anon and attempt to grab one of my "lives" (it's sort of like flag football).

The thing is, I don't know quite what to expect.  Will they actually "pop" out from behind coverings, etc?  Or will they be waiting for us en masse at various intersections?  Can these zombies run?  I do not think zombies, real zombies, would be able to run; it wouldn't make sense for a zombie to run any more than for a mummy to skip rope, but if there's one thing my mamma taught me, you can't argue with a zombie.

Also, how sportsmanlike is it to try to avoid the zombies altogether?  In an honest-to-goodness zombie apocalypse, one would steer clear of zombies at all costs.  But then, one wouldn't be out running a 5K in the first place.  Maybe it's more like the running of the bulls, where to get the full juice out of the experience, you need to be as close as possible to the danger, not well out of reach, or better yet, watching from a balcony and drinking sangria.

Lastly, my fear is it will be a disappointment.  I've always dreamed of being chased by zombies, but what if the actual experience doesn't live up to my expectations?  But it'll probably be okay.  Being chased - whether by a dog, an irate neighbor, or the undead - always adds a little spice to a run.

Wish me luck.

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