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Saturday, September 6, 2014

How Terrible Time is to an Artist

Unicellular organisms appeared on earth.  That was last September.  Not much else happened until around the end of June, when all of a sudden the oceans were just teeming with trilobites and other arthropods.  Near the middle of July, animals appeared on land for the first time.  Centipedes, mostly, with a few arachnids thrown in for variety.  The first week of August there were actual amphibians and reptiles on land, some as big as eight inches long.  A couple of weeks later and there were dinosaurs like the diplodocus which could be a hundred feet long.  The diplodocus, though, only hung around from about 7:00 to 8:00 AM on August 20.  On Labor Day the Tyrannosaurus appeared, and it seemed like a really big deal, but it hung in even less time than the diplodocus, about twenty-five minutes.  Last Tuesday you probably noticed all those mammals that were suddenly everywhere.  That was the paleogene period.  Sometime late Thursday night, there were primates.  Just before I woke up this morning, there were humans.  A minute ago, someone painted some bison and what-not on a cave in France.  Six seconds ago Homer wrote the Odyssey.

We say Homer is one of the immortals.

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