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Monday, July 14, 2014

All It Takes is Willpower

When People See Me on the Street, They Know,
There is a Man Who Never Wastes a Tasty Peach Cobbler
The other night we made a peach cobbler for a party Nancy was throwing for some coworkers.  It was a Paula Dean recipe, meaning it called for enough sugar to give diabetes to everyone in a good-sized fishing village.  Unfortunately, as she was reading the recipe, Nancy told me to put all four cups of sugar into the peach mixture, which I did; however, it turns out we were supposed to have reserved half the sugar for the breading.  So when I mixed that up, I had to add another two cups of sugar to it as well.

I want you to be sure you understand this.  Nancy and I made a peach cobbler that contains half again as much sugar as recommended by Paula Dean.

You might think the result would be inedible.  Actually, it's quite tasty.  I know because I've tried it.

Here, I'll try a little right now.

Yep, still delicious.

We made two large casserole dishes of cobbler, and only ate one and a half.  And, by the way, Nancy left town last night.

Get the picture?  I have half a casserole of super-sweetened peach cobbler all to myself.

An ordinary man might just throw the cobbler out or feed it to the chickens.  He might freeze it.  He might take it to the neighbors.  But I am no ordinary man.  When people see me in the street, they will know: there is a man who never wastes food, especially if it's a tasty peach cobbler.

I have a peach cobbler, I have five days, I have a fork.

All it takes is willpower.

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