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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Writer's Bio

A Picture of the Writer. He is Alert but Relaxed.
Respiration and Heartbeat are Typical.
In 1958, one of E Henry Martin's sperm penetrated the tough zona pellucida and fused with an ovum of Dorothy H Martin.  Mitosis occurred, and a multicellular diploid was formed.  A Y chromosome determined the sex would be male.  Around the thirty-eighth week, he was expelled from the vaginal canal, and, separated from the first time from the placenta, took his first breath.  His parents named him Emanuel Henry Martin IV, which became his legal designation; however, he was commonly referred to as "Man" or "Manny."

 Four months after birth, he could control his head and lift his chest when placed on his stomach, and within the first year he was able to walk on his own.  Within seven years, he lost his baby teeth.  At this point he was growing between two and three inches a year.  He had acquired language and begun formal education.

After eleven years, he entered puberty.  Secondary sexual characteristics such as increased body hair appeared.  He developed acne and began having erections.

In his twenty-second year, he had ceased growing and found a suitable mate.  By his thirties, he had successfully reproduced two times.  His hair became thinner, and his skin began to lose elasticity.

Currently brown spots have begun forming on his hands.  His reaction time is slowing and his muscle mass is decreasing.  He breathes twelve to twenty times and his heart beats seventy to seventy-five times each minute.  He can be expected to live another thirty years.

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  1. Reminds me of David Shields', "The Thing About Life is that One Day You'll be Dead."