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Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Morning Aruba

I got up at 6 AM to check emails and write this blog.  I had to move around pretty stealthily to avoid waking Nancy, but I managed to find my room key, computer, and clothes in the dark.  I can't get through a day - even a day in paradise - without checking my emails, etc.  (Even if I don't respond to them, I DO check them.)  Nancy and I even considered paying the usurious fee for access in the room, but we declined.  Nancy's been frustrated because her data plan means she can't access internet or post pictures to facebook from her smartphone.  Without that, her smartphone is basically just a phone.  And a camera.  It does take pictures, but what's the point of that if you can't post them to facebook?
When I got down to the lobby, I discovered the battery was low, so I had to scout for a place to plug my computer in.  I found an outlet poolside, and am sitting in a lounge typing this, straining my neck and back twisting to the side so the cord will reach.  It's somewhat uncomfortable, but there's nothing worse than having your screen go black in the middle of something.
The only other guy out here is at the far end, standing in the opposite corner, leaning over a rail and sneaking a smoke.  I guess it's something he needs to do regardless of how inconvenient.
Poor devil.
I'd hate to have a habit like that.

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  1. Straining your neck and twisting your back to the side "so the cord will reach" my patootie. You're just trying to steal a surreptitious glimpse of some gal straightening out her little "annal floss" bikini.