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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Big News

The big news of my week is that Amazon Prime is now streaming all the old classic HBO shows.  It really is kind of pathetic how pleased I am at the opportunity to watch more television.  I understand that Putin is doing bad stuff in Crimea, and I'm concerned about it, truly I am, even if I'm a little vague on the details.  But last night we watched two episodes of The Wire, and I'm really stoked because I've never seen The Wire, and I can already tell it's really, really good, and there's entire seasons ahead for me to enjoy.  I know Assad is doing terrible, terrible stuff to his own people in Syria, and I heard something about "barrel bombs."  I do not have any clear notion of what a barrel bomb is, or why it would be so terrible, but my heart goes out to those people.  But meanwhile, we have all the episodes of Six Feet Under!  I love that show!  And really, I've been thinking lately how much I'd like to re-watch it, and I was always frustrated that I could never get it streaming on Netflix, and now here it is!  And those kidnapped girls in Nigeria.  It's a terrible, terrible thing.  What's the name of the group doing it?  Boko Haram.  It's shocking, truly it is.  It'll take me awhile, but eventually I'll get around to watching The Sopranos again, just kind of for nostalgia's sake.  And I know I should be a better person; our church runs a thrift store and food bank, and I should probably spend some time there.  I should take a more active role in my world.  But life just isn't as entertaining as HBO.

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