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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rushing the Okra

Years ago, I began teaching myself to do magic tricks.  I think it had to do with having daughters, that I felt a few magic tricks was a skill I should have.  My pal Offut sums up my abilities this way, "he's too clumsy and rushy."  Rushy, the quibbler will say, is not a word in Websters, but Offut has me pegged.  I'm too fast, I want to get to the moment where - hey, presto! - there's a coin behind your ear.

The reason I bring this up is that Nancy and I planted okra.  And it all died.  The reason is the same reason I'm such a lousy magician.  We rushed it.  The ground wasn't warm enough, and the okra died.

We couldn't help it.  We make the same mistake every year.  We rush it.  But, to repeat myself, we just can't help it.  We plant stuff too soon, and then we have to plant it all over again.  But can you blame us?  Gardening is the ultimate magic trick.

Hocus Pocus - Yellow Crocus!

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  1. We planted our tomatoes too late last year. The result was a mutant tomato plant that was desperately trying to ripen two tiny fruits in the middle of December while at the same time choking the life out of everything else in the garden as it outgrew its allotted plot. The immortal asparagus in the planter above it watched on with what I assume was smug self assurance.