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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Obnoxious Noise Awards: Commuter Division

Here are this year's nominees.  The winner will be selected by popular vote, so make your choice today!

Snurrk-snurkk-snurrrk: Sick child in subway train suctioning mucus back up into nasal cavity.

Screeee: Car greatly in need of brake pads coming to a full stop right behind you.

Wump-wumpa-wumpa-wump. Wump-wumpa-wumpa-wump: Audiophile with car radio volume and bass on max, sharing his back-beat with the rest of us.

Blamp-blamp: Idiot leaning on car horn as if grid lock would be remedied by a reminder to go.

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  1. wondering: what is going on w/you that this is your query at 2:43 a.m.?