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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Human

H is for Human.

Humans have relatively soft feet, prone to getting cut on rocks and sharp sticks.  The skin on the rest of their bodies is even softer, and they have neither fur nor body armor.  They walk upright which creates problems for a a spinal column evolved to support a quadruped.  Unlike, for example, a fly, which is able to care for itself from the time it hatches, humans have an absurdly long maturational period, often decades, before they can live on their own.  In spite of, or because of, being "social animals," they are belligerent and warlike, even at times, genocidal. 

And yet, they undeniably dominate planet earth.

This is as peculiar as if the King of the Beasts, instead of the Lion, turned out to be...  well, us.

Whether because of their large brains, their opposable thumbs, or their ability to verbalize, rather than adapting to suit their environment, humans adapt their environment to suit themselves.  Humans fly sitting down.  Humans eat salmon in the mountains.  Humans eat fresh strawberries in December.  They are warm in winter and cool in summer.  They freeze water for the purpose of putting it in water.  They feed and shelter other animals for the purpose of amusement or because they are pretty to look at.

Humans sometimes forget that, however remarkable, they are just another kind of animal.  Some humans deny it.  Did dinosaurs ever forget they were animals?  We will never know.

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  1. I think sometimes we adapt our environment a bit too much!