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Monday, March 31, 2014

The A-Z Challenge

To All The Readers of This Blog:

By now both of you have probably noticed the mysterious badge on the right side of the blog, featuring the letters A and Z.  "What is this mysterious badge?" you perhaps asked yourselves, "and why does it feature the letters A and Z?  Will Man Martin, in the fullness of time, reveal the answers to these questions?"

Yes, and the time is now.

Here's the skinny; I saw my friend and former teacher Valerie Storey had taken on the the A-Z Blogging Challenge, and I decided to do likewise.  During the month of April, I will blog on the Animal Kingdom, going in alphabetical order, starting with A is for Armadillo and ending with Z is for...  well, I'll let it be a surprise what animal Z will be.  Sundays, I'll blog on a different topic.

So tomorrow, when you see A is for Armadillo, you do not be astonished, and do not think this is an April Fool's prank.


  1. A little disappointed to see Armadillos win out over Aardvarks...but whatcha gonna do? Personally, my guess for Z is that you're going to blog about "Ze Lion". (As opposed to "Ze Tiger" or "Ze Bear"....oh, my!)

  2. You're even blogging on Sundays! I suggest you take off your word verification during April to make it easier for bloggers to leave messages. Good luck.