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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Glamorous Writing Life

Nancy and I have a simple and effective technique for weed control in the garden.  We cover the ground with a layer of newspaper, then cover the newspaper with leaves.  The newspaper acts as a biodegradable, water-permeable weed block.  By the next Spring, not a trace of it remains.

Unfortunately, this year, we didn't have enough newspaper to do the job, so I used pages a rough draft of my next novel, The Limongello Syndrome instead.  Here I am anchoring manuscript pages with dirt clods to keep them from blowing away before I cover them with dead leaves.

This is only a draft, and my agent now has the finished version; nevertheless, these pages represent years of my life spent writing this.

As I write this now, I am struggling for some further comment: a pun or witticism about the effect on the tomatoes, the nature of fame, or something.  But I have nothing more to offer than to show you the picture itself.


  1. I've never had any luck with using newspaper as a weed block. Have tried it a few times, but with the rain and the sunshine I ended up with a papier mache ground covering that's hard as a rock.

  2. What a good use for your draft. I know they are hard to discard, even when they've become obsolete. When I retired, I had no such good use for my lecture notes, etc. Unwanted by my colleagues, they just went into the recycling bin. Of course, most of the ideas in those notes were recycled already, so that doom seems fitting.

  3. My comment is this: You are a wise man, Man. And your wonderful novel WILL be published!