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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Today is February 8th. You Have Been Warned.

Today is February 8.  You have been warned.

There are exactly six days remaining until Valentine's Day.

There is no need to be caught unprepared, gentlemen.  Yes, I was once like the rest of you - rushing into the CVS at the last minute to buy a dozen roses, a card, and a box of chocolates.

But no more

I've had everything ready for months!

Of course, when I went shopping, they didn't have any Valentine's cards, per se, so I had to cross out "Hanukkah" and write "Valentine's" on one.

But I've already got the roses.  I brought them in December and hid them in a basement closet.  They're gorgeous.

And she'll never find the box of chocolates I've had for weeks now, because they're hidden in the trunk of my car, which I drive to work everyday and park in a sunny parking lot.

This Valentine's Day is going to be different.

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