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Sunday, February 9, 2014

So It's Come to This

If there's one thing I regret - and there are at least that many - it's that I haven't paid closer attention to the winter Olympics.  If I had, I've have something hi-LAR-ious to write about now, instead of desperately trying to fake it, which is what I'm doing.

For example, there's Putin without a shirt.  Why is it I keep seeing this picture?  Whatever's going on, it's clearly side-splitting, but I haven't been paying attention, so I haven't got a clue.

And who is this woman and why is she so upset?  Again, lots of potential humor-stuff wasted on yours truly.

And is it true there are feral dogs roaming the Olympic grounds?  If so, yet more risible material gone to waste.

So what am I reduced to?  Just this re-tread of a joke.

Putin is reading a letter, "Oh-oh-oh-oh..."

"You don't have to read that part, sir," says an assistant, "that's just the Olympic symbol."

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  1. For a guy who claims to be so homophobic, he sure does love to hang a lot of topless pictures of himself all over the place. Hmmmm....