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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shocker! Bible May Contain Inaccuracies!

Illustration of Biblical Patriarch
Being Thrown by Wild Camel
The National Geographic reports that domesticated camels did not come to Israel until 930 BCE, centuries later than the Bible claims.  Next they'll be claiming all the animals of the world could not possibly fit onto a single boat.  What The National Geographic fails to consider is that if the ancient Hebrews didn't have domesticated camels, perhaps they had undomesticated ones.  We're talking wild camels, people.

Consider this passage from Genesis 24:

11 And he (Abraham) made his camels kneel without the city by a well of water at the time of evening even at the time that women go out to draw water. 12. And he spake unto the camels saying, "Settle thee down.  Settle thee down, I sayeth.  Settle." And he smote the camels, but they would not settle. 13. And the women came out for it was time to draw water, and they were sore afraid.  And Abraham spake unto them saying, "Be thou not afraid, for the camels can sense fear."14. And all the while did he smite the camels and tell them to settle but the camels would not settle for the LORD had hardened their hearts.  15. And one of the women spake to Abraham saying, "What meanest thou bringing these things here to the well where we must draw water?  Hast thou lost thy mind?  Get them hence, for that one lookst as if he bites."  16. And all this while did Abraham smite his camels and tell them to settle, but it availed not.  17. And Abraham replied unto the woman saying, "Be not afraid.  The camels shall not bite provided thou dost not provoke them with any sudden movements or noises."  18. But notwithstanding that Abraham smote them and told them to settle, the camels would not settle for the LORD had hardened their hearts.  19. And far from settling the camels were stirred up in their wrath, for there was a noise, and one of the camels bit one of the women, and there were many lawsuits threatened.  20. And Abraham fled from thence, saying "Verily, I believe these things are more trouble than they are worth."

So does this prove the Biblical patriarchs were using undomesticated camels?  I merely present the facts and allow them to speak for themselves.

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