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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's Over Now. Whatever It Was.

Whatever it was, it's over now.

For weeks I heard people talking excitedly about this approaching confrontation.  I, mercifully, did not understand.  Sometimes people would ask me whether I preferred the seahawks or the broncos.  Then, seeing the dazed and puzzled look in my eye, they would sidle away.

It's hard to imagine containing seahawks and broncos into the same confined space, leave alone provoke them to go at each other.  What would the point of it be?  What would it prove?

Then the other day, I heard someone expressing surprise and disgust that the seahawks had won.  I myself was astonished.  How could a seahawk, which clearly is some kind of bird, overcome a bronco, which I believe is a pony or else possibly a bull.  Did the bronco include the cowboy?  If so, the defeat was not only surprising, but inexplicable.  Perhaps the bronco was so annoyed by the cowboy it did not guard against seahawks darting down from the sky to peck at its eyes.  In any case, a bronco would have a hard time inducing a seahawk to get under its feet where it could stomp it - its chief defensive strategy - or make it keep still long enough to gore and head-butt it.  The seahawks' lack of physical strength and body mass would be made up for by its agility and speed.  That must account for it.  Surely this contest wasn't held on the seahawks' home turf, ie the sea; that would make the outcome such a foregone conclusion that the whole spectacle would be an utter waste of time.

Anyway, it's over now.  Whatever it was.

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