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Friday, January 24, 2014

Common Errors

Is the correct spelling "donut" or "doughnut?"  Neither, it's "doughnaught."

Is the correct spelling "thruway" or "throughway?"  It's "thoughweigh."

Is it correct to write "Mr. Jones' lawnmower" or "Mr. Jones's lawnmower?"  It's actually my lawnmower.

Is "rodeo" pronounced "RO dee oh" or "ro DAY oh?"  It's pronounced "TRAC tor PULL."

If the rule is, "I before E except after C or sounding like A as in neighbor and weigh," aren't "Keith," "weird," and "their" spelled incorrectly?  You forgot the part about "all the rest have thirty-one except February which has twenty-eight except in leap year."

Is the second day of the week pronounced "TOOS day" or "TYOOS day?"  The second day of the week is pronounced "Monday."

Do you say "Ham and eggs is my favorite breakfast" or "Ham and eggs are my favorite breakfast?"  I say a waffle is my favorite breakfast.

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