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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Things I Know Now I Wish I'd Known Then: Mark Childress

Each month an author is invited to hold forth on the above topic. This month, it's Mark Childress. Mark is the author of seven novels, most recently Georgia Bottoms, which is not, as you might think, the name of a place, but a conniving, though good-hearted heroine.

Things I Know Now I Wish I’d Known Then

1. Writing fiction is more fun before you are published. Once you are published, you worry.
2. Publication will be the best thing that ever happened to you and also the worst, often both at once.
3. Reviews can be helpful, otherwise disregard.
4. The sweetest draft is the second, with all possibilities still shining bright.
5. It is done when they pry it from your hands. Not a minute before.


  1. I've only had one book published, second one coming out in January, so have limited experience to draw from. But #1 I partly disagree with. It's still fun to write whatever I'm writing, but I don't feel as free to just write whatever I want to. #2 is definitely the best thing that ever happened to me and I have yet to see the worst--except that I didn't know how much effort it would be to publicize the book. And didn't realize that I would have to keep that up, probably forever. Hard to complain, though, when everything seems to have gone my way so far. #5--it's never done. Even after it's printed, I still think of things I would change.

  2. I would like the opportunity to see if #1 is true. Please send an agent, in the interest of scientific research.