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Friday, December 13, 2013

Not to Worry

Artist's Conception of a Meeting between Periplaneta Japonica
and Periplaneta Americana
Periplaneta japonica, a cockroach originating in Asia, is the latest invasive species to grab the headlines, having been discovered in New York.  What makes periplaneta japonica's presence alarming is that it's freeze-resistant.  Manhattanites understandably bemoan the arrival of the little pest, fearing it will supplant their own beloved periplaneta americana, the familiar brown roach, which endears itself to natives and tourists alike, scampering amid tenement buildings and garbage scows.  

But not to worry.

Everyone's who's been wringing their hands over this so-called "catastrophe" can just un-wring them.  Thanks to Global Warming, being able to endure freezing temperatures isn't going to make a hill of beans' worth of difference, survival-of-the-species-wise.  When the ice caps melt, periplaneta japonica won't be any better off the periplaneta americana, in addition to which, they won't know where all the good garbage is heading.  No, New Yorkers don't need to worry about freeze-resistant cockroaches.  

They need to worry about drown-resistant ones.

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