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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Gifts

Nancy and I divide up the Christmas shopping equally: I buy a present for her, and she buys one for everyone else.  This may not sound equal, but what my list lacks in sheer numbers, it makes up for in overwhelming difficulty.

Part of the problem is, we have so much crap already, it's impossible to add anything to the pile.  The other problem is that when it gets right down to it, Nancy doesn't like surprises.  This poses certain challenges Christmas-gift-giving-wise.  Admittedly, some of my "surprises" could be more accurately defined as "shocks" or "ghastly disappointments," but whatever the case, Nancy doesn't care for them.

The one time, the one time, I recall her being genuinely pleased with a gift was when I got her a nail gun and air compressor.  Before you start muttering what a doofus I am, you need to know Nancy asked for that gift.  And when she opened it up Christmas morning, she was as happy as a kid on... well, a kid on Christmas morning.

I've gotten her jewelry - that she specifically asked for - but it turned out to be "not quite right" and she'd return it for something else.  When I bought her an iPad - this was when they were relatively new - she was unimpressed.  Later, she came to really like it, but when I bought her a new case for it the next year - at her request - it turned out not to be quite the one she'd wanted.  Once I got us dance lessons - she said she'd always wanted dance lessons - but we never used them, and the certificate expired.  Coupled with the anxiety of disappointing her, is the guilt I feel because she buys me such wonderful presents.

So I've given up trying to please her on Christmas; I'm satisfied if I give her something she doesn't return.  I'm thinking of getting her a boomerang.

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