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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Heaven will be like Facebook

I think theologians and snake-handlers and Dalai Lamas and those guys can now agree on one thing: heaven is probably going to be a lot like Facebook.  You will be surrounded by hundreds of disembodied friends - actually, as many friends as you wish, even people you never met or knew - and receive constant updates from them.  You will know what everyone is saying to each other all the time.  Everyone will like everyone else, but liking will be a simple and painless matter and not involve difficult decisions or questions of loyalty or even take up any time.  There will be no bad smells.  We will constantly trade snarky comments and funny images of the goings-on back on earth.  You will be able to spend a long, long time there without even realizing it.

Yes, whatever Heaven may be, we can be sure it will be a lot like Facebook.

Hell will be like Facebook, too.

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