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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Coaching for the Future

In many states, if you can believe it, the highest paid public official is a basketball coach.  I'm glad to say that in Georgia it's a football coach, which is what God intended.  In fact, in forty states the highest-paid public employee is a coach, in most cases, a football coach.  In New Hampshire, it's a hockey coach, which is kind of weird, but then, you know... New Hampshire.

Some short-sighted states like Montana waste their money on college presidents - chumps.  They don't see the incalculable benefit expert coaching could provide.

So here's the scenario: the Chinese come over and say, "Hey, USA, you owe us a bunch of money, where is it."  And Barack, he plays it all cool like, "Sure, China, I got your money.  Ten trillion, right?  It's right here in my desk.  But say...  How'd you like to go double or nothing... on a game of football?"

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