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Friday, October 11, 2013

3-D Printing, The Next Big Thing

Someday soon, instead of having to run down to the hardware store every time you need to replace a screw on the ceiling fan, only to discover you got the wrong size, you'll be able to turn on your 3-D printer and print out a screw that's the wrong size.

You can have your very own 3-D printer from MakerBot - I looked up prices on the internet - for a mere $2,799, which actually is pretty darn cheap.  Of course, you'll also need a digitizing scanner, which runs another $1,400, plus the filament, which is the stuff the 3-D stuff is printed on.  A roll of "stellar pink" ABS, whatever that may be, is $48, but assuming you won't want everything you printed to be stellar pink, you'll want other colors as well.  So for a mere $4,247 you can get started printing your very own stellar pink 3-D objects up to nine inches tall.  Think of the money you'll save on wrong-sized screws!

I think the only thing that dissuades me from ordering one right now, is the little motto on the Replicator 2-X: "Designed for daredevils and experimenters."  I don't know which marketing genius inserted the word daredevil, but it dampens my enthusiasm a little.  Another was a little red label stating "Warning: patience and a sense of adventure required."

For the time being, I'll leave 3-D printing to the daredevils.  I get enough adventure looking for my cellphone charger.

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