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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sleep Deprivation

After a Few Days of Sleep Deprivation, I get a
little punch-drunk
Yesterday's blog was on the topic of sleep, and, by golly, so is today's.  You folks won't put up with this much longer, or I don't know my blog readers.  "Come up with something new, Man, besides sleep," I hear you cry.  (I have extraordinarily good hearing.)

Why would I write two blogs in a row on the topic of sleep?  I don't know where to begin.  "Dear Harry," I suppose is as good a way as any.

I go to bed around 9:00 and wake up around 5:00 to write these little gems.  Only as the week goes on, those numbers get rounder and rounder.  By mid-week 5:00 AM has rounded all the way out to 6:00.  By Thursday I'm getting a little punch drunk.

My system, or what I laughingly call a "system," is to sleep late Saturday and Sunday with a supplementary nap or two thrown in for good measure.  Monday, I'm rarin' to go again, but after a few days of withdrawals from the Sleep Bank, I find I'm overdrawn again.  (How's that for a metaphor, eh?  And that's when I'm tired.)

I don't have a ready solution for this.  The irony is, that as lazy as I am, I'm constantly working.  Maybe I'm just too lazy to stop.  In any case, please look on with a forgiving and indulgent eye if tomorrow's blog is also about sleep.

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