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Monday, September 2, 2013

Official Labor Day Celebrations

In Commemoration of Labor Day,
I Shall Refrain from Drawing an Illustration
for Today's Blog
At 8:00 AM, the Somnolent Corps of America will demonstrate waking up, looking at the clock, realizing it's a holiday, and rolling over and going back to sleep.  (Various locations).

In a colorful kaleidoscope of blue, local law enforcement agencies will pull over motorists for speeding, weaving through lanes, and in some cases striking down pedestrians on the sidewalk.   Tickets will be given to some and others will receive free lodging from their city or county.  (Highways, especially that stretch between Dothan and Cumberland.)

The annual Switching of the Colors will commence at twelve noon when the Association of People Who Care About These Things officially put away their summer wardrobe.  (At a closet near you.)

All pants will be worn at half-mast.  (Home)

The Young Adult Workers Parade (YAWP) is an ad-hoc free-form happening staged at locations throughout every major city wherein twenty to thirty-somethings will walk the streets, cross busy intersections, and stroll congested public spaces all while performing essential work-related activities they do all day on their jobs: texting friends, talking "selfies," and posting to facebook.

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