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Monday, August 12, 2013

A Freedom Worker Explains

Dean Clancy wants you to burn your Obamacare draft card. That there’s no such thing as an Obamacare draft card is, at best, only a small problem.  Clancy is a vice president at FreedomWorks, where he has spent years fighting President Obama’s health-care law. - Sarah Kliff, Washington Post

Basically the whole thing is like the Vietnam war protests where people burned their draft cards.  The only difference is, instead of not going off to war, we don't want to be insured.  Also, there aren't any actual Obamacare cards, so we have to print our own.  But that doesn't mean we're trivializing the Vietnam protests.  This is serious.  Really.  In those days, if you didn't want to be drafted you could go to Canada.  But that won't work in this situation.  Canada's got even more access to healthcare than we do.  And it's in French.  It's crazy.  The other difference is, frankly, those Vietnam protesters were a bunch of hippies.  Sure, we romanticize them now, but the fact is they were largely to blame for getting us out of a war we definitely could have won.  Don't take my word for it, just watch First Blood.  And that was one man.  In our case, we're not hippies but respectful clean-cut (for the most part) patriots standing up for our precious God-given rights not to participate in an intrusive government program that's going to ram insurance down our throats whether we like it or not.  It's already too late for automobiles, do you want them to do the same thing to our bodies?  I mean, can you believe the government forces us to insure our cars?  It's an individual's right to decide whether he gets insurance or not.  Think how much more careful everyone would drive if they knew half the cars out there didn't have insurance.  An uninsured society is a polite society.

So to recap, if you're not a hippie but just an idealist who doesn't want insurance and doesn't want to go to Canada - which would only make the situation worse - and if you think First Blood totally rocks, and if you'd like to see them repeal automobile insurance, then we urge you to print up an Obamacare card and set fire to it.  But be careful, we wouldn't want you to burn yourself.  You're not insured.

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