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Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's On TV

My buddy David told me about a bizarre reality TV show - I won't tell you which one for reasons that will become clear - and it set me thinking.  Everyone ridicules (but evidently continues to watch) reality shows, but are they really a harbinger that American civilization is done for, and it's time to start stocking up on powdered milk and ammunition?  How bad are reality shows, really?  Read through the descriptions of TV shows below, and see if you can guess which TV shows are genuine and which one I made up.

Naked and Afraid: A man and a woman are deposited in the wilds of the Costa Rican rain forest to face poisonous critters and nasty weather, similar to Survivor.  The twist?  Both are completely bare-ass naked.

Amish in the City: Five Amish young people are transported to the city to be confronted with worldly temptations from para-sailing to buttons.

The Littlest Groom: Like The Bachelor, except with little people.  One normal-sized girl competes against several dwarfs to win the love of a 4'5" bachelor.

So which of the above reality shows is the real deal?  Answer: they all are!

Break out the powdered milk and ammo, Ma.

(Oh, PS - Thanks to David for sending me Naked and Afraid, which inspired this whole mess.)

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