I Heart Indies

Thursday, July 25, 2013


My fellow writers and readers might be interested in this: The Southern Independent Booksellers Association (SIBA) has created “Parapalooza!” -- a YouTube channel devoted to people reading favorite selections from favorite books -- as a way to foster avid readers’ enthusiasm for great writing. People are invited to submit their own short videos to the channel by sending them to parapalooza@sibaweb.com.

SIBA Executive Director Wanda Jewell first conceived of the idea for Parapalooza! when she was reading the new Stephen King novel, Joyland, and liked it so much she had to interrupt her husband to read him different parts. “I suddenly thought  it be great if readers had a way to share that impulse,” Jewell said. “It takes the ‘You’ve got to read this!’ feeling to the next level.”  To see the videos already uploaded, visit, authorsroundthesouth.com/read-this/parapalooza

Below is a video of yours truly getting his hands on some Shakespeare.


  1. That was really cool, Man. Never heard it (out loud or in my head) with a southern slant to it. Thanks. I dig the reading and I dig the site. I appreciate the knowledge. Aaron