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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Joe Blow Endorsed You on Linked In!

"Actually, LinkedIn Endorsements don't mean that much."
Every so often, I get an email notifying me I've been endorsed by another passel of folks for various skills I've claimed on LinkedIn.  Then I visit LinkedIn and a dialogue box opens up asking if I'd like to endorse Terry Dactyl for Electric-Chair Upholstery or Rufus Leeking for Air-Traffic Control, and I click "yes," and "yes," and "yes" until my fingers get tired of clicking.  In some cases, I don't know if these people are good at what they claim or not, but it seems rude not to endorse them with their little profile pictures staring out at me so hopefully especially if they've already endorsed me.

I don't really have that many skills, so I subdivided the one or two I do have as many ways as possible.  For example, there's "novelist," "writer," and "reader."  Then I have "fiction," "fiction-writer," "fiction-reader."  "Re-writer," "re-reader."  "Looking for glasses."  "Finding them."  If you think about it hard enough, you can take a single skill and divide it into an infinite number of categories.

It's tempting to claim a skill like "Brain Surgery" or "Rocket Scientist" and see how many people would endorse me, but that could put me in a sticky situation.  Suppose somebody needed a brain surgeon and went to LinkedIn to find one?  No thanks.  So instead I just added the new skill, "Sex Symbol."  I figure what really makes you a Sex Symbol is having people believe you're a Sex Symbol.  Also, my self-esteem could use a boost.  Perhaps because she sees me so much around the house in draw-string shorts, black socks, and a tee-shirt with a mustard stain, Nancy no longer appreciates what a sexy Sex Symbol I am.  So when you go to LinkedIn and it asks you to endorse my Sex Symbolism, please click yes.  Click twice, if possible.

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