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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Time-Share Dogs

Here is yet another concept certain to make someone a zillion dollars.

Time-Share Dogs.

Here's the pitch; you take an ordinary dog, and sell fifty-two shares to individuals: one for each week in the year.  A time-share owner would have full access to the dog one week out of the year, and then would turn it over to the next person for their week.  Veterinary care would be provided.  Obviously, some weeks would be more valuable than others, and would therefore fetch a higher price; these would be called "Golden Weeks."  The first couple of weeks in June, for example, are prime shedding season, and people might be willing to make astronomical bids for the privilege of vacuuming up after a golden retriever three times a day.  Other weeks, the last week of February, would be called "Bronze," and would be much less expensive, and go to budget-conscious would-be pet owners.

After about a decade, when the dog had depreciated significantly in value, he could be sold in a "pre-owned" dog lot, and another dog could be acquired.  Better yet, a person who had a timeshare in, say, a Jack Russel, might be able to trade his week online for a Daschund or even a Beagle.  The possibilities are limitless.  If the time-share dog idea works out, we could branch out into time-share cats, time-share parrots, time-share gerbils.  Pretty much the sky's the limit.

I await the call from interested investors.

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  1. This leads to the next logical step: Loaner dogs!
    Instead of running a dog pound, where stray dogs are rounded up, locked in a cage, and promoted for "adoption" by anyone who is willing to pay for all their shots...a city would instead have lots of "loaner dog" stations around various neighborhoods and on various street corners where a dozen or so dogs would be leashed and tied to a post (like a bike rack), and available to anyone who comes along needing a fuzzy snuggle and a face lick. I'm sure it would work just as well as the "loaner bike" program that New York City is so proud of. (Well, except that some of the bikes have already been stolen, and one bozo even tried to sell one on eBay.)