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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Things I Don't Understand

There are many things in the world I do not understand.  Here are three of them.

In the hardware store where I shop, there is a hardware section.  Isn't that like having a grocery section in the grocery store?

When I go to the gym, I notice cars circling the lot trying to find the closest place to park.  But didn't these people go to the gym to exercise?

Listening to the radio, I heard an advertisement for Belltone Hearing Aids.  Isn't a radio advertisement directed at the hearing-impaired...?  Well, enough said.


  1. The hearing aids ad on the radio reminds me of the old Steven Wright remark: "Why do they have braille instructions on the ATM in the DRIVE THROUGH lane?"

  2. How about handicapped parking on the top floor of the parking garage...with stairs and no elevator? Jody, The Medicare Mom