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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Getting Ready for the Triathlon

I'm doing my first triathlon, Saturday.  ("Actually, it's only a triathlon sprint," my daughter Spencer wants everyone in blog-land to know.  "It's only about half as long as a full triathlon.  The swimming part isn't even half as long.")  Thank you, Spencer for pointing that out.  Dear, dear sweet Spencer.  What a wonderful child.

As a matter of fact, Spencer's the reason I'm doing the triathlon in the first place.  She started me running again, and then one day suggested I train for a triathlon.  Thank you, Spencer.  Dear, dear sweet Spencer.  Dear sweet Spencer.  You wonderful child.  Wonderful.

Triathlons are great because they combine the potential for knee injury, drowning, and bicycle accident all into one sport.  And yet some people still prefer bowling.

So for months Spencer has been getting me off my duff, and making sure I get out there and swim, bike, and run.  Thank you, Spencer.  What a sweet, sweet, dear wonderful child.

Oh, did I mention?  Spencer won't be doing this one with me.  She's busy.

What a dear.

(The truth is, I'm so glad Spencer got me to do this and so proud of myself for doing this, I'm about to bust. But it's more fun to gripe in a blog than brag.  :-))

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