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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Best New Concept Shows

Three and a Half Mad Men: Wise-cracking ad-exec shares apartment with loser brother and his precocious son.  Lots of sexy babes, risque double-entendres, and dark musings about the abyss of existential longing of the Twentieth Century.

Walking Deadwood: Various factions - including Local Boss Al Swearingen and lawman Seth Bullock - wrestle for control of the outlaw town in the Dakota Territory during the Gold Rush of the 1870's.  With zombies.

Big Breaking Bad Theory: In order to help aspiring actress Penny pay for her chemotherapy, geeky scientist Leonoard begins "cooking" crystal meth.

Post-Modern Family: Two generations of families laugh and learn exposing their personal foibles, deconstructing one another, in this "mockumentary."

Blues Clues SVU: Blue clashes over a murder case with the district attorney when the investigation points to a high-profile serial rapist.

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