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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nude Scenes That Didn't Make The Cut

Star Trek into Darkness: After admitting Alice Eve's underwear scene in Star Trek was "gratuitous," director David Lindelof revealed he'd also filmed an "evil shower scene" featuring the villain played by Benedict Cumberbach, which wound up being cut before the film was released.

Hitchcock: Last summer's flick about the creation of Psycho originally featured a brief clip of Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins) concocting the infamous shower scene while he himself was in the shower.  "We deleted the scene," Sacha  Gervasi explains, "when we realized it was more horrific than the original."

Lincoln: According to the original screenplay, Thadeus Stevens (Tommy Lee Jones) was to be completely naked when getting into bed with his lover, Lydia Hamilton Smith (Epatha Merkerson).  During an attempt to film the scene, Merkerson went into hysterics and had to be hospitalized several days for uncontrollable screaming and fits of vomiting.

Life of Pi: Director Yang Lee admits to second thoughts about artistic choices he made in the film.  Richard Parker, the digitized tiger that accompanies Pi on his sea voyage is shown nude throughout the film, causing critics to bemoan the gratuitous nudity of computer-generated special effects.  "First Jurasic Park," says noted film critic Barbara Bachmann, "which should have been Jurassic Stark-Naked, then that filth, Ice Age, and March of the Naked Penguins, now this!  For the love of Jesus, put some clothes on those animals!  Children are watching!"

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