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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crazy Ants Invade Texas

Fire Ants, long considered the biggest entomological nuisance in Texas are being displaced by Crazy Ants, highly a highly prolific species from South America.  While Crazy Ants do not sting, their sheer numbers and willingness to invade homes have made residents long for the days of good old Fire Ants. - News Reports

Cathy Sturmbracher of Dallas Texas, is one person who has contended with the insect menace.  "First they invaded my house," she said, "and got into my pantry.  These particular Crazy Ants have OCD.  Now everything inside is stacked in weird but very neat piles.  And if I move anything, forget about it!  The ants have a fit."

Doug Risby of Fort Worth has a similar story to tell.  "When the ants around here are manic, it's bad enough.  They're up all night, talking on the phone, they're filled with this weird impractical projects and wacky incoherent thoughts, but then when they're depressed, it's even worse.  They stay in the bed all day and just mope.  It's a real downer."

Still, Risby has it easy, according to Sally Porter of Corpus Christie.  "Mine have Multiple Personality Syndrome.  One day they think they're chickens, and all day long it's 'buck-buck-bacaw' in those irritating little ant voices.  Then they think they're a shy little girl named Sally, and they sit in the corner all day sucking their thumb and holding a baby doll.  One day they got it in their head they were elephants, and they stampeded my hydrangeas.  I've just about had it."

Troubles for Texas, however, won't end any time soon, say experts.  Neurotic Ants are even now swarming down from the north, along with Passive-Aggressive Ants, and Co-Dependent Ants.

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