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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thoughts of a Dog

So I saw the suitcase on the bed, which means at least a week before I see her again.  He's staying home, which is something to be grateful for, I guess, but, he's gone all day and by the time he gets home, he doesn't do much more than plop some food in my bowl and plop his plump butt in front of his computer.  I'm lucky if I get a walk.

Let's face it, my life isn't exactly a roller-coaster of excitement even when she's home.  Mostly all I do all day is sleep while she stares at her computer or talks on the phone.  Once in a while she gets up to do laundry and I get to go downstairs with her.  Big whoop.  She lets me outside and I could run out there, I guess.  But what's the point of running by yourself?  My one real source of entertainment, apart from my daily walk, is barking.  And she yells at me if I do that.  So pretty much I'm reduced to taking naps and waiting for a walk or to go downstairs for the laundry.

I wish I knew what they do when they go away.  I wish they'd take me with them.  I bet they go somewhere and chase squirrels.  Imagine that.  She's off somewhere chasing squirrels all week, and didn't take me with her.  Then he goes away all day chasing squirrels while I'm still stuck at home.  This would explain why they're so tired all the time.  I've never seen them chase squirrels myself, but that only proves they must be chasing them when I'm not around.  They must chase squirrels sometime.  It would be too ironic if they left during the day or for an entire week to stare at computers and talk on the phone when that's all they do when they're here.  They couldn't possibly be that dumb.

They probably don't take me with them because they don't think I'm good enough to chase squirrels with them.  They mostly see me nap when I'm in the house, but that's just because there aren't any squirrels in here.  And I never catch a squirrel when I go for a walk, but that's because I never get any practice.  I bet if I got to spend an entire week somewhere chasing squirrels, I'd catch them all the time.

I wish they'd take me with them when they go squirrel-chasing.  I wish a squirrel would come in the house once in a while.  I wish they didn't leave so often.

Oh, well.

Might as well take a nap.

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  1. So THAT'S why he dashes out the door whenever he can and chases the chickens. He thinks they're feathery squirrels!